Dean comes inside of Cas with one final thrust.

There’s warmth pooling in the pit of his stomach and his heart pumps wildly in his chest.  He collapses onto Cas, the both of them, chests heaving.

Dean buries his head in the hollow of Cas’ shoulder and presses a soft kiss against his sweaty skin.  He drags his lips along Cas’ neck, pausing on his jaw line, moving, slowly but surely to his lips.  When he finally gets there, the kiss is soft and slow. 

"Mmm…marry me, Cas," Dean mumbles as they kiss.  The words tumble out of his lips and into the heat of Cas mouth. 

Cas moans and squeezes down on Dean’s hips, pressing his fingertips into his skin.  When he realizes what Dean has said, his eyes pop open and he frowns.  “What?” he asks as he breaks off the kiss. He stares at Dean’s face and realizes that the hunter is blushing.  “Did you just…”

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people who go into the shower then turn it on are not to be trusted

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"Cas has this love of humanity. I don’t think Hannah quite shares that.”

Executive producer Robert Singer, season 10 iTunes sneak peek


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